COFFOR Video Preview


COFFOR is a patented structural stay-in-place formwork system to build load bearing walls in all types of constructions. It is a cost effective and rapid system (4 times faster than traditional column and beam structures) and does not require qualified labour making it a prime solution for all countries around the world.

COFFOR is primarily used for building walls in all types of construction: commercial and industrial buildings, single-family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings, lavish residences and luxurious high rise buildings.  Slabs and roof can also be built with COFFOR.

The system builds shear walls and is particularly well-suited for seismic areas or areas subject to hurricane, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc.  In addition,  the COFFOR steel structure constitutes a steel cage that provide an efficient confinement of concrete and prevent debris from scattering during an earthquake.

Pouring of concrete
Some projects realized with COFFOR around the world:
10 story building in China
4 story building in France with integrated insulation
Development of 52 residential villas