Project Financing & Management

“No project is too large.”

D&Cie are specialists in project financing and management, ranging from small-scale private equity to large-scale industrial undertakings  in OECD countries and emerging economies.

  • Business Plans
    Whatever your project we assist you in drafting a business strategy and plan including all details of the processes required for its completion.
  • Legal Structures
    D&Cie helps you establish the best legal structures required for your project. Legal provisions are tailored to the juridical framework(s) of the country or countries in which you are operating.
  • Administrative Provisions
    Successful operations and strategic planning require sound administrative support. We assist with organizing and administering the necessary paperwork for your project including obtaining authorizations to operate, work permits for on-site project managers and import/export documentation.
  • Financial Management  and Monitoring
    Financial management and monitoring are our strengths. We take on the financial management of entire projects including evaluating and budgeting, cash-flow forecasting and management, fundraising for financing of projects (debt & equity), negotiating and managing bank loans and guarantees, assessing and managing risk exposure and tax optimization, and general accounting. Thanks to a tailor-made accountancy package we provide project owners with monthly reports on the projects under our management.
  • Supply-chain Management
    D&Cie assist with effective supply-chain management, a key element in large-scale multi-supplier projects. Services include logistics planning, securing import/export and customs documentation for supplies and equipment as well as permits.


Project Financing & Management

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