D&Cie has extensive experience in the Real Estate sector. Whether you are planning on purchasing or developing a single building or a multi-construction complex for domestic or commercial use, D&Cie helps you realize your project thanks to our expertise and track record in the sector.

We have developed close relationships with building and construction specialists working on the development and use of new and innovative technologies for the building sector.

  • B2B Brokerage
    We offer B2B brokerage services. Services include managing negotiations between buyers and vendors and drawing up necessary contracts and sales and purchasing agreements.
  • Financing Property Developments & Acquisitions
    We organize financing for property development and acquisitions including negotiating and securing mortgages and mezzanine loans.
  • Ownership Structuring
    For tax and fiscal or administrative purposes you may wish your commercial or private property to be under the ownership of a company, investment fund, holding or trust. Thanks to a wide experience in this area we assist you to make decisions about the most advantageous form of ownership.

    Should you choose to finance your real estate asset through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), we can assist with setting up such a mechanism. We undertake and manage SPV negotiations and draw up the necessary documentation.
  • Construction Project Management
    Thanks to our work with specialist builders from the construction sector we are in a position to manage the different financial steps in the construction process. Services in this area include drawing up business plans, establishing legal provisions, implementing administrative processes, and all the financial management processes (budgeting and forecasts, securing loans and bank guarantees, managing cash flow) associated with your construction project.
  • Real-estate Asset Management
    We manage property portfolios. Services include monitoring the financial performance of real-estate assets, offering advice about real-estate investment and divestment, and managing the purchase and sale of assets.