Wealth Structuring

Maximizing return and minimizing risk surrounding investments requires a diverse asset portfolio. Thanks to the different financial products available in the global market place, it is today possible to achieve significant diversity. At D&Cie we can help structure your wealth through tailor-made solutions to suit your particular requirements.

  • Company Creation and Structuring
    D&Cie offers advice on the type of company structure, including legal and financial structures that best suit your business, depending on the sector and the type of business, to help you reduce risk and minimize your liability, including fiscal liability. We offer company registration services with the necessary authorities such as tax authorities, chambers of commerce, and legal authorities.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    D&Cie assists you with mergers and acquisitions by conducting due diligence exercises and audits, ensuring that the proposed merger or acquisition is sound to minimize undue exposure to risk. We provide legal advice and review contractual terms and agreements. Similarly, if you are selling a company we offer advice, legal guidance and review of contractual terms of sale.
    Thanks to extensive experience we are able to offer advice on initial public offerings (IPOs) and company flotations and assist with structuring share offers to raise necessary capital.
  • Private Onshore and Offshore Investment Vehicles
    Thanks to a long experience in this area, we have the necessary expertise to advise on the creation of onshore and offshore investment companies depending on the needs and liabilities of individual clients. We assist with completing the necessary paperwork and registering companies with the relevant authorities. All our activities fully respect and comply with local laws as well as with individual and corporate legal frameworks. We ensure that all onshore and offshore investment structures comply with local laws and regulations.
  • Trusts and Foundations
    Our team of experts are specialists in the creation of Trusts and Foundations including, family trusts and charitable foundations. The services offered include advising on statutes and legal provisions, completing and filing necessary paperwork, and registering your trust or foundation with the relevant authorities. We are also happy to act as trustees or to suggest individuals  that can act in such a capacity. All our activities in this domain comply fully with local laws and regulations. We undertake to ensure that the structure and legal provisions governing your trusts and foundations are in full compliance with local laws.
  • Estate Planning
    We provide advice on estate planning, including wills and bequests, to ensure that your estate continues to prosper for future generations.
  • Fiscal Optimization
    A key part of what we do is aimed at ensuring fiscal optimization. We provide tax advice, including advice on structuring your estate and asset portfolio, to minimize your exposure and liabilities. We are fully compliant with local tax laws and regulations. Continued relationships with clients are dependent on full compliance with local tax laws and regulations. 


Wealth Structuring

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